• How To Add Crypto To Your Coinbase Wallet

    Now that you’ve got a self-custody wallet, it’s time to start exploring all the possibilities of the crypto ecosystem. But first, you’ll need to buy or transfer some crypto to your Coinbase Wallet, or import an existing wallet, which you can do in just a few easy steps.


    Buying crypto

    Go to the Settings menu and select the Buy or transfer button. You can buy crypto directly from the Coinbase Wallet app with your debit card in more than 90 countries.


    Transferring crypto

    You can transfer crypto directly from your Coinbase account to your Coinbase Wallet by linking your account. If you select Buy or transfer, you’ll be prompted to log into your Coinbase account, and from there you can see which crypto is available to be moved to your wallet — just choose the coin and enter the desired amount and you’re all set.

    You can also transfer crypto from somewhere other than your Coinbase account by using your wallet’s public address, which can be found by tapping the QR code located at the top right of the home screen.

    If you’re sending the crypto from another self-custody wallet or a different exchange, just copy and paste your address in as the recipient.


    Importing a wallet

    If you have another self-custody wallet, like MetaMask, you can easily merge it with your Coinbase Wallet. Prior to logging in you’ll see two options: Create a new wallet and I already have a wallet. If you click on I already have a wallet, you’ll be prompted to enter your existing wallet’s 12-word recovery phrase and it’ll automatically be imported into your Coinbase Wallet app.


    Network fees

    Any time you send crypto from another wallet or exchange, you’ll need to pay network fees. These fees don’t go to Coinbase — they’re paid to the miners or to the network itself to help process transactions and keep the network secure.


    Coinbase Wallet helps you unlock one of the most significant features of crypto: the ability to send or receive peer-to-peer transfers without any financial intermediaries.

    Doing so with your Coinbase Wallet is simple.

    Coinbase Wallet supports thousands of coins on a number of blockchains, including Ethereum, Polygon, Avalanche, BNB Chain and Stellar Lumens. You can send or receive crypto from both the mobile app and web browser extension.


    Sending funds

    From the Coinbase Wallet home screen, select Send. You’ll be prompted to select the asset you’d like to use and to choose a desired amount. Ensure that you have the correct wallet address for your recipient—funds could be lost if they are sent to the wrong address.

    Additionally, you can send funds based on the Ethereum network to a user’s Ethereum Name Service address, and you can send funds to another Coinbase Wallet user by using their Coinbase Wallet username.


    Receiving funds

    From the Coinbase Wallet home screen, select Receive, and then select the coin you’d like to receive. You’ll be shown a QR code with your unique wallet address directly below it. You can share that address with the sender, or if they’re using Coinbase Wallet, you can share your Wallet username.